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Pivatell Distribution is the new name for Granted Distribution (est. 2004) in Dublin, Ireland. The rejuvenated company  now has the full potential of reaching registered retail stores in North America and Europe based on the remarkable demand in Vinyl, Tapes and CD's. Our data base and scheduled releases are catered to independent labels and artist that play live while promoting their material.


In short we place the product on the shelf while utilizing the current market of promotion by directing Vinyl and CD purchasers to retail. Good music still sells! 


The objective and focus is to distribute vinyl or  CD's to retail stores in Europe as well as North America. We have the capability and staff structure while using the existing database of Granted Distribution to place products on the shelf that has been promoted per territory. Our criteria for such a simple feat is part of our business trading secrets however we require quality material that is based on our standards.

The database that has been accumulated over the past 14 years is based on Granted Distribution of old as well as the strengths of the artist potential. Our artist friendly agreements are instilled within the motivation we receive from labels based on their promotion. We are thriving to become better postmen as a reliable distributor.